HI-Concepts offers architectural design and drafting services, giving you the possibility to concentrate most of your time on creativity and implementation. In this way, you will be able to deliver a novel design that meets all your client’s criteria, fitting into the required time and money constraints.

HI-Concepts ensures top-quality output for you as architects and designers, easing up your workload and making your project stand out with our means of visualization and technology. With a process and a team that understands your work, we produce error-free drawings. We supply you with architectural drafting services and architectural detailing services, on which we have an extensive experience.

Our drafting and design team make use of a wide range of software to offer the right support for your architectural drawings, including AutoCAD, ArchiCAD.

We use AutoCAD and Revit techniques with high efficiency, therefore the speed and effectiveness of your architectural designs is guaranteed. What is more, we can provide you special visualization effects for your designs, including architectural rendering and 3D modeling and 3D sections.